Look and Feel Better By  Starting Your Mornings With This!

Here it is: get up out of bed and walk to the kitchen. Keep a pitcher of water on your counter so that you can pour yourself a glass of room temperature water (or you heat up some warm water like in the video) and squeeze half of a lemon into the glass (if you’re over 150 pounds, a full lemon is recommended).  Drink.  Try to wait 15 minutes before you have your coffee or breakfast.

Not too bad, right? Well the payback is huge: drinking room-temperature lemon water first thing in the morning benefits you internally and externally.  The nutrients in lemons aid in digestion by loosening toxins and they also work to boost your immune system.  The fiber can make you feel less hungry which can help with weight loss.  From the outside, the nutrients work to brighten and clear skin, kill bacteria that cause morning breath, and they even give an energy lift.  And hopefully an added bonus is doing something for your fitness first thing in the morning motivates you to make healthy choices for the rest of the day.


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