Stretch & Sculpt Your Body With a Bosu

Did you know that stretching does more than just receive soreness and help with flexibility? It also has been proven to elevate your mood, receive stress and inner tension, as well as sculpt your body to help create a toned fit look. We can all benefit from stretching no matter what our fitness goals are, however sometimes we need a little push or excitement in our regime because, let’s face it, stretching can be quite monotonous and dull for some. This Bosu inspired stretching workout engages your core and major muscle groups to not only relieve muscle soreness but train them as well. It can help push you towards better muscle shape in the booty, back, core, and legs. Let’s not forget the mental benefit you’re getting as well! This 10-minute program from Ra Fitness is an easy, follow-along routine that can have you feeling and looking great in no time!

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