Lose Weight without going Crazy

Losing weight is the goal for many of us, no matter who you are, but there’s no easy way to drop the pounds. Losing weight takes determination and commitment to a healthy diet and regular exercise, and even then it takes longer than we’d like to drop a few pounds. So, what can we do to lose weight without going crazy?

These 5 tips will help you out…

Tip #1:  Set Realistic Expectations
When starting a new diet or workout plan, or a combination of the two, you often expect the results to be near instantaneous with weight falling off like eaves on a tree. And then that doesn’t happen then you lose motivation and your dedication begins to fade, which can cause your diet to fail miserably.

However, if set modest, more realistic goals when you start – somewhere around 1-2 pounds per week – then you’ll be more likely to stick to it!

Tip #2: Keep your Diet Quiet
Telling everyone about your new diet and amazing weight loss goals often works against you because friends always offer their unsolicited advice and judge your progress. Especially when you stray from your diet and eat something you shouldn’t… they’ll always questions your choices. This can make you feel insecure, so simply start your diet and let only the closest people you trust in on your secret to keep you sane and on the right path.

Tip #3: Home Support
Keeping your diet  quiet can help, but when you first start you need to make sure everyone in your house will support you. If you’re trying to avoid sugary temptations and your significant other strolls in with a box of your favorite sweet treat, you’ll never be able to stick to your plan. Without the support from those that you live with, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle and might just lose it… your mind! So, make sure your family is onboard and ready to support you – ask that they chomp on those cookies far from home.

Tip #4: Don’ Exclude Food Groups
Getting rid of entire food groups will cause you to lose your sanity by sacrificing too much and your diet is likely to fail. Start by eating a well-balanced diet that allows a little wiggle room and start by nixing only your most tempting treats to keep your sanity.

Tip #5: Work Out!
Losing weight isn’t easy or everyone would do it and be successful. It takes time and that can really put your sanity to the test. Be sure to include a workout routine along with a new diet plan to see quicker results in how your energy level how your clothes fit and feel better overall about yourself. This will help you keep your mind right and your weight loss on track.

Don’t get locked in on the number you see on the scale.You “weight” accounts for far more than just fat and muscle and this number fluctuates for numerous reasons. Learn more about the positives and negatives of weighing yourself, and how to more accurately weigh yourself, so you don’t go crazy in the process.


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