The Best Activity to do this Fall

buttnenut-squash-vitamina-lg1Let’s face it, summer is over. Kids are back in school, leaves are falling and you can already smell the pumpkin spice

lattes in the air. So, as it gets colder and those warm weather runs or softball in the park become less enjoyable, what hobby is the best choice for keeping you super fit this autumn
The answer might surprise you! It’s SQUASH! No, not the gourd, the game. This indoor sport is actually considered (by Forbes team of physiotherapists, trainers, and doctors) to be the premier sport for overall body fitness, even squash-racket-ballbeating out swimming! Squash topped the rest in the four main areas tested to determine which sport ranked highest: cardio endurance, muscle strength, muscle endurance, and flexibility. Not to mention it also topped the competition in calories burned and was right up there for injury risk
Squash is great for revving up your body in fast-paced action with bursts of speed and muscle motion. Imagine it like an organized sport of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). This recognition of Squash as training titan has created a surge of courts and equipment availability in cities all over the world, at extremely reasonable prices.

Check it out, join a league, or simply play with friends to survive the winds and cold of fall and keep that body sculpted and fit.

Squash Basics

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