One Day of Prep = 5 Days of Meals

I am a big fan of being prepared. I like to think that my need for order and preparation are a blessing. I know that in the quest for weight loss and leading a healthy lifestyle, this is especially true. I make sure to have my house stocked with healthy foods – and I absolutely avoid having junk food not so healthy items within reach. Look, I can binge on just about anything – besides broccoli, apples, carrots – you get the idea.

The preparation comes in super handy when getting ready for the week ahead. I’ve found that by preparing components of upcoming meals ahead of time is a Huge factor in keeping me on track for my weekly goals! See what you think below!

There are so many things you can make quickly that will help make sure your meals are ready fast!  If you spend a couple hours Sunday night, you can get breakfast for the week taken care of, school lunches out of the way, have fresh fruit and vegetables ready to snack on or for smoothies, and have pasta or grilled chicken and vegetables ready to add to any meal!

Most of the recipes on this site can be made ahead and frozen.  Here are some ideas for you to try:
•    Cook a box of pasta or quinoa to place it in a covered container in the refrigerator.
•    Hard-boil some eggs for breakfast, snack, or to use in egg salad sandwiches.
•    Grill chicken and  vegetables and place them in a covered container to use throughout the week for wraps, pasta, or quesadillas.
•    Pancakes are always a staple in my house and they take just minutes to make.  I will make a double batch Sunday night to use for breakfast, snacks, or dinner.  Then if any are leftover after a few days, I will freeze them.
•    Muffins are great to have for snack and breakfast on the go!  Most muffins can be made in 30 – 40 minutes and use a lot of the same ingredients as pancakes so go ahead and make them at the same time.
•    Soups are great to make ahead, and you can always freeze whatever you have leftover so make a double batch!
•    Overnight Oats only a few ingredients and take a couple minutes to throw together.  I usually make enough for two days — breakfast ready for two days and it only takes me 5 minutes Sunday night?  That’s my kind of meal!
•    Homemade pesto and hummus are two things I’ve starting making recently.  I can’t believe I never made before but now that I do I can’t go back to store bought.  They take minutes and it’s all done in the food processor!  Then I can use them on wraps, pasta, dipping sauces, and salads.
•    Homemade granola is another thing I’ve starting making from scratch that is so simple.  You can use it as cereal, to top off some yogurt, and it makes a great gift!
•    Make a couple days worth of school lunches on Sunday night.  It’ll save you so much trouble throughout the week if you take care of two – three days at once!
•    Mason jars salads will help you get a healthy lunch that is ready to go and is already packed to take to work for the week.  They will stay good for four to five days in the refrigerator and take just a few minutes to make, especially if you took the time to clean and chop off the vegetables.
•    Mason Jar Yogurt Parfaits are great for breakfast, or pack them to take with you for lunch.

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