Calorie Counting: How Your Activities Stack Up

For those of us who don’t carry around pedometers or calorie-counting mechanisms, it can be hard to know what kind of calorie burn you’re getting from your exercise session. So, with a little help from, we’ve complied a list of the average calories burned for the most popular ways of getting exercise. Now, keep in mind, this is an average, however it provides good insight into the way in which you choose to exercise and work for those fitness goals.

Average Calories Burned in 1 Hour of: (based on a person weighing 150 lbs)

  • Jogging: 400 calories
  • Walking: 250-350 calories (depending on pace)
  • Hiking: 340 calories
  • Swimming: 600-680 calories
  • Biking: 408 calories
  • Weightlifting: 350 calories
  • Circuit Training: 476 calories

The good news is that it isn’t just organized exercises that burn calories! Here’s a list of some non-exercise activities that also add to your daily calories burned (also based on 1 hour):mowing

  • Cleaning dishes: 88 calories
  • Cleaning  (house): 136 calories
  • Vacuuming: 170 calories
  • Cooking: 68 calories
  • Moving: 544 calories
  • Carrying small children: 136 calories
  • Mowing the lawn: 306 calories
  • Gardening (planting): 238 calories
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