The Way to Wake Up

Many of us have our own ritual or routine for the early hours of our days. Some of us start with a cold shower, while others get going with a gallon-sized bucket of coffee. But finding the way to wake up that’s best for you could be a little easier and more effective with a bit of science behind it, and that’s where we come in.

Waking up is in fact a jolt to your system in itself. There you’ve been, resting peacefully and suddenly an alarm goes off and your mind kickstarts with a little disorientation. This disorientation is caused by the stress from hearing an alarm clock, but also (and what a lot of people forget about) the lack of nutrients and hydration sleep brings. That’s right! Overnight you are starving and dehydrating yourself to the max.drink-more-water

So, how do we counteract this morning dreariness and jumpstart our day? Once again, the answer comes back to one of the simplest solutions… Water!

Rehydrating yourself after sleep is of paramount importance. Having up to 16oz of water immediately upon waking will boost your metabolism, rehydrate you, flush your body of toxins built up n the night, and will even help stave off over eating. In fact, water wakes you up more effectively than coffee. Coffee has the caffeine, true, but it also dehydrates you even more, and when you’re coming off 6-8 hours of no water, that cup of joe actually can give you headaches or make you more tired.

So there you have it! One of the absolute best ways to wake up is actually one of the simplest and least labor intensive options. Forget remembering to set the coffee maker, leave that to the office interns and refresh yourself with nature’s oldest health formula… H2O.

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