4 Fit Tips for a Party Weekend

1. Interval drinks
If you know you’ll be imbibing on more than one drink, always order a water between cocktails to keep the calorie count down. This way you won’t rack up nearly as many sneaky liquid calories. But for a less basic beverage, you can make it  pop (literally!) by switching to the sparkling H20 and ordering it in a martini or highball glass with wedged fruit, like lemon, lime or an orange slice.
2. Plan ahead for a wild weekend
If you’ve been following your diet and exercise plan to the letter, only to have the weekend tarnish your regimen with three nights full of eating temptations, plan ahead and up your activity level for the week. For example, try taking an extra 15-minute walk around the office or around the block after dinner. This will ease the guilt factors and allow you to indulge a bit.

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