5 Budget-Friendly Massage Guns 2022

Budget Friendly Massage Guns 2022
Budget Friendly Massage Guns 2022

After a long tiring day at work, nothing relieves your stress and tension like a good cozy massage. In addition, massaging also has an abundance of health benefits, from lowering your heart rate and blood pressure, to improving the functionality of your immune system and blood circulation. Also, massaging helps to uplift your mental state and well-being. 

Modern-day massage guns are both efficient and cost-effective, and they get the job done. With little time and effort, you can wipe out all the stress, pain, and tension from your physical and mental space. 

Currently, there are a variety of massage guns available in the market depending on their efficiency, purpose, and usage. Another important factor is the Budget.

Though there is nothing wrong with spending thousands of dollars for a good massage, what if you could have the same effect with a budget-friendly massage gun?

In this article, we bring you the budget-friendly massage guns of 2022.

What Are Massage Guns?

The field of massage has become one of the most profitable medical niches. Thousands and thousands of dollars are being invested in receiving massages and learning how to massage. So, how did the concept of massage guns come into play?

Percussive therapy has roots that can be dated back to the 18th century. Initially, a massage was manually carried out in massage parlors and therapy bars. Though it does the job, manual massages can be both expensive and time-consuming. With the development of automation, massage chairs, and other bulky equipment were introduced.

People, however, wanted a more compact piece of massage equipment, leading to the invention of massage guns. Massage guns are handheld devices that send out percussion (or) short taps of pulses on the directed body part. This continuous and concentrated tapping relaxes and eases the muscles.  

Upon years of innovative iterations, modern-day massage guns outclassed their earlier prototypes in terms of efficiency and results. 

Currently, there are a variety of massage guns in the market designed for various purposes under different brands. 

Things to Look for in a Massage Gun

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a massage gun other than its budget. 

Size and Weight: This is one of the important factors to look for when choosing a massage gun. Lightweight devices are often preferred because they are easy to carry and don’t tire your hands out. So, go for massage guns with a weight of fewer than 5 pounds. 

Battery Life: This is an important factor to consider since corded massagers put a constraint on efficiency and handling. A good massager with a relatively long battery life, short charging time, and ease of charging is best.

Adjustable Speeds: Massaging can be done at different speed variations, depending on the usage and purpose. Most massage guns come with 3 to 20-speed variations. A good massager has a couple of adjustable and differentiable RPM options that offer you a range of massages from low to high intensity, depending on your purpose. 

Adjustable Heads: Each part of the body needs a special massage head. For example, a flat head is used to target large muscle groups, whereas bullet heads are used to provide focussed massage to certain areas. The more massage heads, the better your options and range of usage. 

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5 Best Budget-Friendly Massage Guns

1. Hyperice Hypervolt GO

Budget-Friendly Massage Guns of 2022 - Hyperice Hypervolt GO
Budget-Friendly Massage Guns of 2022 – Hyperice Hypervolt GO

Hyperice is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of body wellness and percussion equipment. They bring you their lightweight and effective massage gun, the Hypervolt GO. 

One of the most prominent features of this massage gun is its size. Weighing at just 1.5 pounds, this compact and effective massage equipment with its ergonomic design can fit in your bags easily and can be carried around anywhere. Hypervolt GO with its patented QuietGlide technology renders instant muscle relief with almost no sound. 

The device comes with 2 changeable heads, the flat head, and the bullet head. It also has 3 massage speeds to choose from. Depending upon your purpose and body part, you can change the heads and adjust the vibration speeds. 

Another advantage to using Hyperice devices is that they have their Hyperice app. This app helps you understand and target the right muscle, and gauge the timing and intensity of your massage. 

The pricing of this product is budget-friendly. You can buy them from their official website for a price of $129.

Hypervolt GO is one of the highest-rated Hyperice products on Amazon.

However, the disadvantages of this product are that they require a separate charging system and they do not have a casing for the massage equipment.

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2. Toloco Massage Gun EM26

Budget-Friendly Massage Guns of 2022 - TOLOCO Massage Gun EM26
Budget-Friendly Massage Guns of 2022 – TOLOCO Massage Gun EM26

When curating the best and budget-friendly massage guns, it is hard to ignore the #1 Amazon bestseller in Electric Massagers.

The Toloco Massage Gun EM26 comes with a great ergonomic design and a silicone grip for an efficient all-around massage. One of the best features of this hand-held massage gun is its LCD control, which lets you monitor and control the speed of your massage. 

This deep tissue massage gun comes with 15 replaceable massage heads, so you can tailor your massage to the best of your comfort. Also, the massage gun is equipped with a high-torque 24V brushless motor for a 20-different speed level massage, depending on your purpose. The device just weighs 2.1 pounds and is extremely quiet. 

The massage gun setup comes with a charging kit and a silicon case for carrying purposes.

All this is available at just $99 on Amazon, making it one of the best choices among these budget-friendly massage guns.

3. Therabody Theragun Mini

Budget-Friendly Massage Guns of 2022 - Therabody Theragun Mini
Budget-Friendly Massage Guns of 2022 – Therabody Theragun Mini

With its wide range of well-being products, Therabody is one of the most prominent players when it comes to massage guns.

The Theragun Mini boasts its unique shape in addition to its extraordinary quality. Its triangular shape makes it pretty agile and easier to hold. The device is also compatible with the Therabody App.

Theragun Mini has a total battery life of 2 hours on a full charge. It has 3 different attachments and speeds (1750, 2100, 2400 PPMs) indicated by an LED display on its side.

The device houses a proprietary brushless motor that delivers a maximum pressure of 20 pounds and with its patented QuietForce technology, the massage gun delivers a powerful and sound-free massage. It also has a deeper 12mm vibration amplitude for longer relief.

Another advantage is its charging port. You can use the Type-C USB charger to charge the device and it also comes with a casing pouch.

However, the pricing range is a bit at the upper end of being budget friendly with a price of $179 on Amazon.

4. Ekrin Athletics BANTAM Massage Gun

Budget-Friendly Massage Guns of 2022 - Ekrin Athletics BANTAM Massage Gun
Budget-Friendly Massage Guns of 2022 – Ekrin Athletics BANTAM Massage Gun

The BANTAM massage gun is one of the most popular products of Ekrin Athletics. This handheld massage gun has a compact design and weighs just 1.1 pounds. This makes it easy to use and can be carried anywhere. 

Though small and compact, the BANTAM massage gun should not be treated lightly. With its powerful motor, this massage gun can deliver up to 28-35 pounds of force and it has three-speed variations. 

The massage gun has 4 different attachment heads depending on the purpose. The power setup is supported by Samsung’s Li-ion battery, which provides a total of 6 hours of battery life. It only needs a type-C USB charger and does not need any additional equipment. The device setup also comes with a travel kit. 

One of the promising features of Ekrin Athletics is that they provide a lifetime guarantee for all their products. You can get this product for just $149 from Ekrin Athletics official website

5. Recoverfun Mini

Budget-Friendly Massage Guns of 2022 - RecoverFun Mini
Budget-Friendly Massage Guns of 2022 – RecoverFun Mini

Recoverfun also has a variety of massage guns in its inventory. One of their least expensive massage guns is the Mini massage gun. 

It is one of the most compact massage gun options with the size of a mobile phone and weighing just 1.1 pounds. The massage gun houses a brushless motor that renders powerful vibrations and produces no sound. Though small, the massage gun has an amplitude of 6mm.

It comes with 4 adjustable speed variations for a varying massage experience. The massage gun has a 5-hour battery life upon full charge and can be charged using a type-C USB charger. 

One of the best reasons to opt for this Recoverfun Mini is its 4 variable massage heads. Among them, the convex head is made of aluminum which can be heated or cooled for a better and more effective massage experience.

You can buy this product for just $79 on Amazon, making it one of the best choices you can make in your hunt for a budget-friendly massage gun. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a massage gun?

Massage guns help relieve stress, tension, and pain in your body and indirectly help elevate your mental state. Another advantage of massage guns is that they are portable and can be carried anywhere for instant relief.

Are massage guns worth their price?

Yes, massage guns are surely worth it. But, it all depends on the price. Also, depending on the brand, usage, handling, and maintenance, massage guns can last longer and work wonders.

In what price range can I find good massage guns?

Massage guns are available in a range of prices from $80 to $1000 depending on the brand and specifications. Though pricey massages are good, most massage guns between $80 to $400 also provide the same benefits and usage as their higher-end counterparts.

Wrapping Up

With the advancement in technology, the world has offered various new products that could help us in many ways. One such product that currently benefits many people is massage guns. Wouldn’t you love to get a chance to grab a massage gun that carries loads of health benefits at an affordable price? This article gives you a complete list of budget-friendly massage guns that improve your physical and mental health simultaneously.

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