5 Minute Lose-the-Jiggle Arm Workout

This is absolutely one of the toughest routines I’ve seen that targets your triceps. Yes, you can be hitting your goal weight, however that will not ensure a tight toned body. Toning and strengthening takes patience, time and commitment. Putting in the time with all your effort feels amazing when you start to see the results. Hard to say what feels better for me when I see my hard work paying off.

This routine will require either 5 or 8 pound hand weights and a yoga mat. You are going to start with a warm yup that is all about the Arm Walk. This move targets your triceps of course, but also your shoulders and core. Start with your right arm, after 30 seconds continue on starting with your left arm. Be sure to keep your hands under you shoulders.

Here are the rest of the moves:

Tricep Push Up: Have your weights in your hands and do these on your knees. Keep your elbows pinned to your body.
Tricep Kickbacks: Slightly bent over, your legs stabilize you, extend your arms back and squeeze at the top as you kick your arms back.
Lying Skull Crushers: On your back for this one, elbows pointing to the sky, lower your weights down to either side of your head, make it tougher by keeping your legs in table top position!
Bent Knee Straight Arm Extensions: Slight bend forward, keep your arms straight, now extend your arms forward don’t bend your elbows as you swing your arms back, now squeeze.
Split Lunge Wide Angle Kickback: Step into a split lunge, right leg forward and extend your straight arms out 45˚ now bend at the elbow and extend out in a wide angle and squeeze, after 30 seconds switch and have your left leg forward. This one is a doozy!

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