Shoulder Molder in 3 Moves

Our shoulders are so important for some of the most basic moves we do, not just in the gym, but in day to day activities. Keeping your shoulders strong and flexible is vital for your overall body health but is all too often overlooked, especially by women.

Luckily, you have probably been working your shoulders as a secondary muscle in moves like bench press, dips, and deadlifts. Now it’s time to get more focused! These three shoulder molders are moves to improve flexibility, strength, and shape.

  • Shoulder Front and Outs:
     Try doing 3 sets of 15 with allow weight to start
  • Plate Halos:
    Find a good weight plate (olympic plate), medicine ball or kettle bell and go for 3 sets of 10 Halos in each direction. The weight should remain as close to the head as possible, with the arms moving around the head(i.e. head should remain neutral).
  • Shrug Circles (Back and Forward) – Using dumbbells, roll your shoulders in backwards circles for 2 sets of 15, then switch to forward circles.
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