Strengthen & Stabilize Your Knees

Feeling as if you have weak knees. The best way to help to strengthen and stabilize your knees is to build the muscles that surround them. You will be concentrating on your hamstrings, quads, glutes and calves. This workout will be done in bare feet which will help to maximize the use of the muscles in your feet and ankles as well. This is a workout for all levels of athletes, and you will need a chair.

Be advised if you have a specific knee injury please consult your physician. Now off you go to stronger knees starting today for your future!

Here are the moves:

Leg Extension Lifts
Ankle Circles
Seated Leg Extensions
Squat Sit Hold
Inner Thigh Squeeze
Internal Rotation Leg Press
Bridge with Hamstring Ball Roll Out (or Toe Tap)
Standing Quadriceps Stretch
Side Lying Quadriceps Stretch



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