5 Minutes to Strong & Sexy Shoulders

Big and bulky muscles may not be what you are after, however defined muscles and a toned physique often utilize similar principles in the gym to its bodybuilding counterpart. Weights can be used to achieve any fitness goal you may have, but get a bad wrap as a tool solely for bulking up. This shoulder workout gets back to basics in the gym, using different weights, bars, and machines to focus on hitting your upper arms, shoulders, and back. The shoulders are an area a lot of people, especially women, forget about but are an important muscle group to hone in on for that great physique. Trainer Flavia Del Monte goes through each exercise showing you how to do it, what you can do it you’re working out at home instead of a gym, as well as the reps and sets that make an optimal workout. Rock out those shoulder boulders to stay strong and sexy!

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