Avoiding Tough Workouts?

You have your alarm set. You have your workout clothes laid out. You have a workout planned. Not one that you do everyday, sometimes only get to it once a week or once a month. It’s a challenging – really challenging workout, and you always feel great after its done, so why not do it more frequently?

Here is a cool idea! Restructure your workout. It’s called the “peak end rule“.


This means plan the end of your workout first. If the original workout has you dreading the mid part, mix it up and make that super tough part into two different sections – evening out the pain if you will. Meaning if it were a 12 minute push – break it up into two 6 minute pushes and do two sets of that.

Your memory of the workout will not be as “painful” by using this tricky method of actually doing the workout – and if successful – doing it more.

Now, off you go!


Susy Sedano is a Content Producer at Digital Wellness, a fitness enthusiast and an avid cook of healthy meals. She prides herself on creating healthy dishes for family and friends, and is always on the hunt for new workouts and recipes! Despite her hectic non-stop work and fitness schedules, she is a “girl’s girl” and a student of life!
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