Bad knees? Avoid these…

1. Lunges

 Not all lunges are necessarily bad, but we often extend our knees over our toes which puts a lot of pressure on the kneecap. Over time, this can cause serious damage to our knees.

Alternative: Try Bosu Lunges, which are better for the knees.

2.  Burpees


Although Burpees have the ability to give you a killer body, poor form from jumping can cause serious injury to your knees, and unfortunately the more we do, the lazier our form gets.

Alternative: Once you notice yourself starting to get tired, switch to jump-free Burpees instead to prevent injury to your knees, without stopping.

3. Squats


Similar to lunges, we have a tendancy to allow our knees to go over our toes when performing squats. Over time, this leads to unwanted wear and tear. So if youre going to do squat, make sure your form is right on.

Alternative: Follow these steps to perform a perfect squat without risking your knees!

 4. Running


If youre knees aren’t as strong as they used to be, you probably feel it when you go for a run.  Running is a very high-impact exercise that takes a toll on your knees. If you haven’t felt the impact of running on your knees just yet, you will!

Alternative: There are several low-impact activities like swimming (least impact) or the elliptical machine. Try one of these for less stress on the knees.

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