It’s Tabata Time!

Oh, Tabata… I love to hate you.

Tabata kicks my butt every single time we meet. I curse it one moment and love it the next. If you have never done Tabata, here’s how it breaks down: 4 minute rounds: 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. That breaks down to 8 x of work per 4 minute round. Sounds simple enough – theoretically it is, however man 20 seconds seems like a long time.

This workout will require a kettle bell – your weight choice, I suggest something between 10-20 lbs.  You are going to be doing strength moves, lunges, side lunges, rows, bicep curls, and kettle bell swings – with one and two hands! In between each of the four rounds you will be doing you have the option of walking it off, grabbing water and/ or one minute of cardio: cross jacks, the heisman or walking in place. Have fun!

Susy Sedano is a Content Producer, a fitness enthusiast and an avid cook of healthy meals. She prides herself on creating healthy dishes for family and friends, and is always on the hunt for new workouts and recipes! Despite her hectic non-stop work and fitness schedules, she is a “girl’s girl” and a student of life!
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