Legs and Butt Workout

Here is a total lower body burn. You will feel this in your booty, quads and hamstrings. Focus on the muscles you are working. This is ten minutes of work. If you are feeling up to it, repeat this two times. You will need a heavy weight, a towel and a yoga mat. Put on some music and get going!

Here are the moves:

One Legged Cross Squat – 15 each leg
Squats – 20 total
Side Squat – 10 each leg
Weighted Clamshells – 15 each side
Bridge Raise – 20 total
Bridge Pulses – 10 each leg
Towel Hamstring Curl – 15 total
Kneeling Leg Extensions – 15 each leg
Frog Jump & Plank Hops – 15 total



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