The No-Exercise, No-Diet Tip for Weight Loss

Achieving your weight loss and health goals seems like a massive uphill battle sometimes! You know the saying… no pain, no gain. However, sometimes, all your hard work in the kitchen and in the gym needs a little extra help, and it’s not always as hard as you think.

This tip for shedding some calories and nailing your meal plan is one that takes no exercise or special food changes, but it does involve the kitchen. It’s all about your plates! I don’t mean weight plates, I’m talking those ceramic things you eat your dinner off. The average American dinner plate is not only giant when compared to other countries around the world, but also, more often than not it is white (or very light colored). But why does that matter you ask?

According to psychologists, having a bigger dinner plate tempts you to load it up to the max because “normal” sized portions look smaller on such a big plate. The color of the plate can have the same effect. Having a white plate makes the food on it look smaller because white overloads our vision. So when you have big & white dinner plates, it spells over-sized portions.

Try using smaller, darker colored plates and not only will you simply not have the area space to pack on too much food, the portions will look a lot bigger keeping your diet under control and your weight in the green zone! Happy eating.

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