Meat Mysteries: Which Meat is Best?

In the uncertainty of today’s meat market, it’s hard to know which options are the best for you and the whole family. We constantly hear, “this”is bad for your cholesterol, while “that” is bad for your bowels. At times it feels as though there is no hope for us carnivores. But all it takes is a little research and diligence in the supermarket to make sure you are feeding the whole table nutritious and healthy meat.

Because there are so many options when it comes to meat (i.e. most protein, most nutrient rich, most filling) I have focused on the sheer make up of the meat, the best option for calories and macronutrient make-up. With that being said, let’s see who gets the top prize!

Best Meat: Organic Chickengrilled-chicken-breast

Organic chicken gets the gold star because of the sheer practicality and fantastic macronutrient makeup. Chicken is extremely versatile in the kitchen with literally hundreds of uses and recipes for every palette. It is also one of the cheaper options in the supermarket when paired next to the pound for pound value of organic grass-fed beef or wild salmon. However, it’s the basics of what chicken does for your meal plan that really make it a winner. Chicken is an extremely lean meat (without the skin), averaging just 3-6g of fat per serving of approx. 4oz. But it also packs in the protein! You get a walloping 36g of protein per serving, that beats out any fish and even beef which comes in around 28g per serving. Low in fat, high in protein, and a heart safe option as well, chicken is a great choice for keeping well fed.

  • However with any meat ESPECIALLY chicken, making sure it is organic is key. The addition of animal growth hormones, antibiotics, steroids, and unhygienic cages completely undermine the healthy aspects of chicken.

Runner Up: Pork Tender LoinHerb Rubbed Pork Loin close

This might actually surprise a bunch of you, but yes, pork is on the menu! Now, please note I am not saying ALL pork. Bacon and ribs are still a no-go. However, the tender loin is surprisingly a solid choice for a lean meat, low in calories, and high in protein. A 3oz serving only contains about 122 calories, and 3g of fat! Now that is certainly worth a mention. Pork under loin is also naturally rich in nutrients, especially zinc which aids in muscle recovery and aiding the reactionary processes in your body. Just remember, keep it organic.


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