The Best Online Weight Loss Program for You

Personal trainers can be a great option for many people, but with busy schedules, set times and the high cost, they might not be the best option for many of you. Luckily, online fitness and weight loss programs have come a long way and the experience mimics having your own personal trainer 24-7. Now, not all programs might be right for you, but here’s the best of the bunch depending on your health and fitness goals.

A “Just Workouts” Program


Daily Burn has a huge variety of workouts in their enormous video library. From kettle bell workouts to yoga, you can count on Daily Burn to offer any niche workout you need. So, if you are just looking for workouts, workouts and more workouts, Daily Burn might be the right solution for you. Daily Burn does one thing and they do it well. Plus, you can get Daily Burn on almost any device, from your iPhone to a Chromecast and then some. Put it this way… if you can get Netflix on it, you can most likely get Daily Burn on it, making it accessible nearly anywhere, anytime.

Price: $10/month

Example Workout:


A “Total Package” Program



If you’re looking for a little more help and need a program that doesn’t just cover workouts, but individual exercises, meal planning, recipesfitness tips and community support, The Biggest Loser Bootcamp is probably the solution for you. The best part? The Biggest Loser Bootcamp uses the trainers from the hit TV show, The Biggest Loser, to not only walk you through the workouts, but also provide you with daily motivations and other words of encouragement to help you stay on the right path which is critical to any weight loss program.

Price: $40/month

Example Workout:


A “Something Free” Program


We all use YouTube for various reasons, but it can can be a great place to explore new styles of workouts and fitness moves. Similar to Daily Burn, YouTube contains an enormous amount of video workouts online, but the catch? You have to know specifically what you’re looking for and you can’t always count on the qualifications of the trainer or the quality you’re going to get.. That being said, if you’re looking for a free solution with minimal guidance, YouTube can be your go-to for workouts anytime.

Price: Free

Example Workout:


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