3-Course Sushi Meal for Going Out

It can be extremely difficult to know when to stop whether is sushi around, especially if you are with a bunch of people and order a load of different types of rolls and appetizers. However, even though sushi is considered on of the heather options when eating out, there are certainly some pitfalls and traps that can turn a potentially nutritious and healthy meal into a junk food binge. So we’ve created a surefire way to stay full, get a broad selection for your palette, and not break the bank next time you hit the local sushi spot!

1st Course:wakame_seaweed_salad_main

Get the Seaweed Salad! I know it may not sound appealing, but this dish of soft seaweed with sesame seeds, spices and cucumber is a refreshing and surprisingly satisfying way to start out your meal. And coming in at about 90 calories for a half cup, you won’t have to worry about having a sushi roll later.

2nd Course: Shumai

Stay away from the gyoza (fried dumplings) and swap them for Shumai, or steamed dumplings filled with seafood or chicken. These bundles of joy usually come as a foursome and carry with them about 105 calories and 2g of fat per serving. Not bad for a more substantial plate of food.

3rd Course:

Here is where we get to my favorite part, the roll. A lot of rolls have mayo, or fatty dressings, fried vegetables or meat in them. Avoid those and stick to a Yellowtail Roll (or any single fish roll). These are safe bets because the ingredients are fresh, easy to spot, and simple so you know what you are getting. They average around 175 calories which makes them a great way to finish off your meal and feel satiated. If you can, see if they can make the roll with brown rice instead of the white stuff.

There are a lot of different healthy option when it comes to Japanese dining, and the biggest piece of advice is portion control. But if you are looking for a way to try a few different things while still filling up in a healthy way, give this three course menu a try next time.

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