6 Best Cable Machine Abs Workouts For A Strong Core

Cable Machine Abs Workouts

You must try out the best cable machine abs workouts to enhance your core strength and make it stronger. The cable machine is a user-friendly and convenient machine you could use in the gym that builds up your entire body, especially effective for abs and core.

5 Key Benefits of Cable Machine Abs Workout

The Best cable machine abs workout works effectively to train the core. Let us dwell in and see the 5 unique benefits of cable machine workouts.

1. Resistance Variation

Here, the cable machine workout provides you with adjustable resistance, where you have the independence to increase and decrease the weight as you need. To build your core, challenge yourself, increase the weight gradually, and start strengthening your muscles.

2. Constant Tension

Being a fitness freak, I experienced that most of the workouts stimulated tension but decreased it at some point. whereas a cable machine ab workout stimulates tension until you give it a break, which can result in stronger abdominal muscle development and a strengthened core.

3. Range of Motion

Cable machines provide a wide range of motion, which is essential for targeting the abs from various angles. Exercises involving flexion, rotation, and lateral motions, activating various regions of the core muscles, can be performed using adjustable cable attachments. This adaptability aids in the development of a balanced and well-rounded group of abdominal muscles.

4. Stabilization and Core Engagement

Throughout the movement, cable exercises necessitate core activation and stabilization. Your core muscles must work harder to maintain stability and control as the resistance pushes in different directions. This deep core muscle activation improves core strength, stability, and functional fitness, which correlates to higher overall sports performance and injury avoidance.

5. Versatility and Exercise Variety

Cable machines provide a variety of ab-targeting exercise choices. Traditional exercises such as wire crunches, twists, and woodchoppers can be performed. You can even add cables into complex activities like cable squats or cable lunges, which use the core as a stabilizer. The adaptability of cable machines allows you to create a diversified and tough abs training routine to keep your muscles challenged and prevent workout plateaus.

Working with the best cable machine abs workout can take your fitness to the next level if you are bored with your daily workout routine. Here are the 6 best cable machine abs workouts that will make you burn fat and look athletic.

6 Best Cable Machine Abs Workout

1. Kneeling Cable Crunch 

If you are tired of doing regular crunches, try the kneeling cable crunch, which works on your abs, increases hip and lower back flexibility, and strengthens your abs. It’s the ideal and best cable machine abs workout for beginners and advanced lifters who prefer cable machine workouts for abs because you can choose the resistance you want to use during the exercise. It primarily targets the ab muscles while also strengthening the core muscles.

How To Do a Kneeling Cable Crunch

Kneeling Cable Crunch - Best Cable Machine Abs Workout
Image source: Claire Pluth/ Youtube
  1. Position yourself at the cable machine, with the rope attachment in place. Choose a suitable weight and grasp the handles with your palms facing inward.
  2. Drop to your knees in front of the machine. While engaging your core, lock the rope handles against your forehead. This is your starting point.
  3. Begin the movement by contracting your abs and exhaling as you crunch down from the waist.
  4. Squeeze the abs hard at the maximum contraction point before slowly reversing the torso back to the starting position, inhaling as you go.
  5. Allow the weight stack to come to rest at the starting position until the set is finished.
  6. Repeat for a total of 10-15 reps.

2. Standing Cable Crunch

The rectus abdominis, or six-pack muscles, are the first to be worked in this exercise. The standing cable crunch increases core strength and stability. Cable crunches provide a more comprehensive abdominal muscle workout, allowing you to strengthen and define your abs through cable machine workouts. 

How to Do a Standing Cable Crunch

Standing Cable Crunch - Best Cable Machine Abs Workout
Image source: Claire Pluth / Youtube
Best Cable Machine Abs Workout
  1. With both hands, grab a rope attachment with your thumbs facing up.
  2. Place the rope behind your head and stand up. Throughout the exercise, keep your hands close to your neck.
  3. Engage your glutes to create pelvic tilt better to engage your abs.
  4. Inhale and bring the rope down and in to start the crunch. 
  5. Exhale and extend your abs until your back is in the starting position.
  6. Repeat for 10-15 reps.

3. Cable Woodchop

Cable woodchop exercises are simple to incorporate into your routine to strengthen your core muscles, which include your low back, abs, oblique, and hip muscles. The cable woodchop is a strength and power-building cable machine workout that simulates a wood-chopping action.

Cable chopper exercises test your entire core, which helps you lift more weight in your workouts and function better in everyday life.

How to Do a Cable Woodchop

Cable Woodchop - Best Cable Machine Abs Workout
Image source: Goodlife Health Clubs / Youtube
Best Cable Machine Abs Workout
  1. Attach a single grip handle to the cable pulley’s top.
  2. Then, with your left hand, grab the handle and turn away from the machine with your left heel facing the cable pulley.
  3. Grab the handle with your right hand so that both of your hands are gripping it
  4. Pull the cable down and across your body to the right with your arms straight, contracting your oblique muscles.
  5. Repeat for a total of 10-15 reps and alter between sets by switching between both sides.

4. Cable Russian Twists

The Russian cable twist is an abdominal exercise for beginners who wish to strengthen their core and shoulders. Although the workout appears to be simple, it needs a significant amount of strength to do it. It also helps you burn fat.

Sometimes it seems complicated because it requires your core to work harder to maintain posture and stability. Once you’ve learned how to do the perfect Russian cable twist step by step, you won’t have much difficulty achieving the abs you’ve always wanted through a cable machine workout.

How to Do a Cable Russian Twist?

Russian Twist - Best Cable Machine Abs Workout
  Image source: Naomi Kong / Youtube 
Best Cable Machine Abs Workout
  1. Place the machine’s handle at chest height.
  2. Sit on a workout bench or ball and grasp the handle with both hands, keeping your arms straight. Maintain this while twisting your torso to move the handle to the opposite side.
  3. Look forward throughout the movement to ensure you only move your torso and not your entire body.
  4. Repeat for 10-15 reps.

5. Side Plank Cable Row

The Side Plank Cable Row is an amazing exercise on so many levels! It teaches anti-rotation by applying a constant force that must be resisted. This teaches the core to stabilize dynamically while the upper body moves – crucial for developing throwing power and arm action while running or changing directions.

If you don’t have a cable machine for workouts, you can do this exercise with a band, and there are other variations you can try with a partner. It works your core and glutes to provide stability. 

How to Do a Plank Cable Row?

Side plank cable row - Best Cable Machine Abs Workout
Image Source: OPEX Fitness
Best Cable Machine Abs Workout
  1. Set a cable machine to the lowest setting and do a side-plank with your elbow, legs straight, core tight, and feet stacked.
  2. With your back to the cable, reach for it with your top hand, ensuring it fully extends before pulling.
  3. Keep your hips off the floor by driving through your forearm and the edges of your feet.
  4. Row the weight to your side, using your elbow as a guide. Do not allow your hips to rotate.
  5.  Repeat for a total of 10-15 reps.
  6. Alternate between sets by switching between both sides.

6. Cable Judo Flip

The cable Judo flip is a beginner strength exercise that targets the abdominal muscles. If done correctly, it is an essential move that will target your waist and core. The cable Judo flip is an excellent cable machine workout that focuses on ab strengthening that is suitable for both men and women. It is critical that you maximize the contractions as this increases the abs’ power. 

How To Do a Cable Judo Flip?

Cable judo flip - Best Cable Machine Abs Workout
Image source: Claire Pluth / Youtube
Best Cable Machine Abs Workout
  1. Connect the rope attachment to the lowest setting of the cable machine, stand by the side with a wide stance, and rope in your hands.
  2. Turn your body away from the machine as you bring the rope over your shoulder, shifting the weight forward as you crunch to pull the rope downward.
  3. Hold this position for a count of 5 and return to the starting position.
  4. Repeat for 10-15 reps.
  5. Alternate between both sides between sets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you build muscle with a cable machine?

Yes, cable machines help you to build muscles. The constant tension that comes from cable machines can assist you in strengthening more muscle fibers.

Is it OK to do abs every day?

While this area may receive more attention than other parts of the body, you should treat your abdominal muscles like any other muscle group when it comes to workouts, which means you shouldn’t train them every day. Like the rest of your muscles, your abs require rest time between exercises.

What part of your abs shows first?

The upper abs are most likely to show and the easiest to work because most well-known abs exercises specifically target them. To get a full six-pack, you must work on your lower abs and obliques.

Wrapping up

Your abs are the foundation of your body and arguably the most significant muscle group as you get older. Try these workouts to help you prepare for a long and healthy future, but don’t overdo it. Define your body by doing cable machine abs workouts!

It’s your workout, your body. Own it! 

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