The Thunder Thigh Workout

The upper legs can be a major problem area for anyone trying to lose weight or tone up their lower half, especially for women. Naturally, women carry their excess weight in their legs, as opposed to men who hold it in their belly.

The nickname “thunder thighs” is another terrible moniker for something that, truth be told, most people struggle wit. Healthy eating and a proper fitness regime can shed the excess weight and “thunder” from that area, but occasionally, our legs need an extra push to really torch the fat.

This workout can be done at home and requires no equipment but still targets the upper legs and really pushes your legs to make the strides, no pun intended, you are looking for. Try adding it to the end of a workout or run and feel the burn!

The Thunder Thigh Workout:

  • Warm Up – trying walking quickly up and down the stairs a few times, or do a couple of laps running around the block to get the blood flowing in your legsJump-Squats-cardio-fat-burn
  • Circuit 1 – 3 Full Circuits, rest 30 seconds in between
    • Jump Squats (or standing squats) – 15 to 20 reps
    • Mountain Climbers – 30 seconds
    • Plank Jacks – 30 seconds, for this move, imagine doing jumping jacks while in the plank position. Keeping your hands in place, jump and spread your legs out wide, then jump and bring them back together.
  • Circuit 2 – 3 Full Circuits, rest 30 seconds in between
    • Side Lunges- 15 seconds on each side (30 seconds total)
    • Pile Squat – 30 seconds, a pile squat is a squat moving your feet wider than your shoulders and turning your toes out.
    • One Leg Bridges – 15 seconds on each side (30 seconds total), one leg bridges are planks with one leg off the ground.
  • Finisher – Wall Sit for 60 seconds, sit against a wall with your legs at a 90* angle.

If your legs aren’t burning after this workout, try adding on more time for each exercise.

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