5 Best Yoga Mats for Stretching and Yoga in 2022

Best Yoga Mats

Yoga mats have consistently been growing more popular, so it’s no surprise the market is dominated by several options on retail platforms, like Amazon, Walmart, and Target. We’ve taken the time to curate the best yoga mats on the market today.

Yoga mats are one of the easiest pieces of yoga equipment. Pick on your favorite among today’s top mats,s and start doing your yoga classes today. From yoga mats with extra grip to those with additional support, you’ll be able to start your practice comfortably and confidently.

What Are Yoga Mats?

A yoga mat is used as a floor covering during yoga practice to prevent slipping and provide cushioning for the body. Yoga mats are usually made from PVC or rubber and can vary in thickness, with the thicker mats providing more cushion. Some yoga mats have a textured surface to provide grip, while others are smooth. Yoga mats may also be used for other floor-based exercises, such as Pilates.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Best Yoga Mat

Yoga mats come in all shapes and sizes, and it can be hard to pick one that works for you. There are several things to consider when choosing a mat, including whether it is too thin, too big, or too small. These are just a few of the most important things to consider when buying your favorite mat.

Yoga Mats – 5 Things to Consider Before Buying

What to consider when buying yoga mats
What to consider when buying yoga mats.

1. Thickness and Weight

The thickness of a yoga mat plays a big role in the comfort of your practice since it can make or break your workout. A thinner mat can be more comfortable when practicing on your knees, and thicker mats are usually more suitable for people working in shoulder stands and inversions.

2. Size and Length

If a mat comes in more than one size, it can be difficult to determine which size to buy. The best way to size what you need is to measure your yoga mat before you buy or try it before use. The length of the yoga mat also depends on the yoga poses you may need to practice and if the length of your mat can accommodate the particular seated poses you want to perform.

3. Lifter

The benefit of lifting a yoga mat can help maintain your body’s posture without any challenges. The U-shaped lifting belt is versatile, it is resistant to flexing, and can be folded to fit in the yoga mat bag.

4. Quality

The mats used in yoga practice are compact and heavier because yoga is a form of workout. Manufacturers often use thick foam to raise their performance as compared to other mats. Make sure that they are composed of quality materials, like cotton and rubber.

5. Convenience

The yoga mats provide a safe surface to perform yoga poses without the risk of getting injured. When you buy a yoga mat that is long, you will have more panache to show your class a fantastic pose option. The longer the mat, the more you will enjoy its benefits. 

A List of the 5 Best Yoga Mats

1. Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

Price: $98.95

The Manduka PRO Yoga Mat is a premium yoga mat that is intended to provide a pleasant, solid platform for yoga practice. The mat is comprised of a long-lasting, latex-free high-density foam that provides a solid, sturdy surface. The mat has a textured, non-slip surface that contributes to a safe and enjoyable yoga practice. The Manduka PRO Yoga Mat comes in a range of colors, as well as a lifetime warranty.

best yoga mats
Manduka PRO Yoga Mat


The Manduka PRO Yoga Mat has been designed to provide a comfortable and stable surface for yoga practitioners so that they can focus on their practice and not worry about slipping or losing their balance. The mat is made from a solid piece of PVC, which makes it one of the thicker yoga mats on the market. This extra thickness provides a more cushioned surface, which can be beneficial for people with joint problems or who simply prefer a softer surface. The mat also has a textured surface to help prevent slipping, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

2. Liforme Travel Yoga Mat

Price: $124.95

The Liforme Travel Yoga Mat is ideal for on-the-go yogis. It’s small and light, yet it still delivers the cushioning and supports you need for a pleasant practice. The innovative alignment mechanism of the mat assures appropriate form and technique, while the nonslip surface holds you securely in position. When you’re finished, just roll up the mat and store it in the supplied carry strap.

Best Yoga Mats
Liforme Travel Yoga Mat


The Liforme Travel Yoga Mat is a fantastic choice if you’re seeking a transportable mat that is transportable. Since this mat is composed of PVC, it is highly lightweight and portable thanks to its PVC material. Additionally, it has a textured surface that offers superb grip, making it perfect for usage when on the go. The mat comes with a carrying strap so you can effortlessly transport it wherever you go.

3. Toplus Yoga Mat

Price: $29.99

One of the most well-liked yoga mats available is the Toplus Yoga Mat. It is constructed from premium materials and intended to offer a relaxing, secure platform for yoga practice. The mat comes in a range of colors and patterns, and it has a rough surface that aids in preventing slippage by helping to hold the floor. The mat is also portable and lightweight, making it a wonderful choice for regular travelers who practice yoga.

Best Yoga Mat
Toplus Yoga Mat


Toplus Yoga Mat is one of the best yoga mats for a beginner or a professional. It will surely give you the best experience of practicing yoga. This mat is made of TPE material that is very sturdy, eco-friendly, and durable. It is slip-resistant and will give you the best grip while doing yoga. This mat is extra thick and huge which will give you more comfort while doing yoga. It is also very easy to clean and maintain as you can wash it in the machine and it will not lose its shape or color.

4. Gaiam Yoga Mat

Price: $32.48

The Gaiam Yoga Mat is a mat made specifically for yoga. It is made of PVC and is 6mm thick, making it perfect for yoga. The mat has a textured surface to prevent slipping and is also moisture-resistant. The Gaiam Yoga Mat is also eco-friendly and made of recycled materials.

Best Yoga Mats
Gaiam Yoga Mat


The PVC used to make the Gaiam yoga mat is non-toxic and environmentally safe. It is one of the most well-liked yoga mats out there. The mat’s surface is textured for great grip and is also incredibly padded and offers excellent body support. It comes in a variety of hues, including blue, green, pink, and purple. When not in use, the mat may be stored in a unique carrying bag that comes with it.

5. Yoloha Aura Cork Yoga Mat

Price: $99.00

The Yoloha Aura Cork Yoga Mat is an eco-friendly and sustainable yoga mat made from natural cork. It is lightweight and durable, making it perfect for yoga, Pilates, and other floor exercises. The mat is also slip-resistant and has a comfortable, textured surface.

Best Yoga Mats
Yoloha Aura Cork Yoga Mat


Yoloha Aura Cork Yoga Mat is made from natural cork that is harvested from the Cork Oak tree. It is a completely natural product that is free from any kind of synthetic materials. This mat is designed to provide a cushioned and non-slip surface for your yoga practice. The cork material is very soft and comfortable to use. It is also eco-friendly and biodegradable. It is also available in different colors. You can choose the color of your mat according to your preference.

Yoga Mats for Better Comfort

Whether you’re a professional athlete looking to pursue a more yogic style of training or an athlete with an interest in strengthening the body to improve performance, these five yoga mats are considered the best of the best and offer a variety of styles and sizes. From beginners to competitive athletes, these mats are just right for you. A quality yoga mat can provide you with a safe, smooth space to work out in, and improve your yoga practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are yoga mats recyclable?

Yes, yoga mats are recyclable. Yoga mats can be recycled by breaking them down into their component parts. The PVC can be melted down and reformed into new yoga mats or other products, and the other materials can be reused in other ways.

Is there any eco-friendly yoga mat?

Yes, there are eco-friendly yoga mats available. These mats are made from sustainable materials and are free from harmful chemicals. Gaiam and Yoloha make eco-friendly yoga mats.

Do I have to use a special yoga mat for kids?

There are special yoga mats for kids that have fun characters or patterns on them. You don’t have to use one of these, but some kids enjoy them. You can also use a regular yoga mat or a towel.

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