Booze’s Big 3 Battle it Out

Beer, Wine, Liquor. These are the “Big 3” when it comes to booze. Which is best? Which is worst?

Let’s face it, we know alcohol isn’t the healthiest option to begin with, especially in large amounts or heavy frequency. If you can avoid it, GREAT! But we’re adults, and occasional and measured consumption is not the end of the world, and NOT the end of you keeping fit and healthy. So in an attempt to help with some of those late night dinner party decisions, we’ve ranked the best and worst ways to have your drink and drink it too!

Winner: Straight Liquor

Now I don’t mean Malibu or Hypnotiq, which are liqueurs, not liquor. Liqueurs are full of sugar, additives, and calories, making them a bad choice for a flat tummy. I’m talking about whiskey, gin, vodka, and scotch straight up! Choosing to have straight alcohol, or on the rocks (with some ice) avoids those sugary mixers or fake flavorings that plague the cocktail clubs.

Also, in general, straight liquor holds only a few calories per serving (about 80-110 kcals depending on the liquor). And here’s the biggest bonus for you ab blasters out there… No carbs! That’s right, straight liquor keeps you on the straight and narrow. A general rule of thumb is that clearer the liquor (i.e. Vodka), the fewer sugars. A great low cal choice is vodka-soda with lemon!

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