The Right Path: Best & Worst Places to Run

Running, keeping people fit since the beginning of human beings! Sounds like a commercial doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it is true. Running is a great way to get out of the gym and on to some cardiovascular exercise. You probably know this, but what you may not know is that the kind of surface you run on matters a whole lot more than you might think. So, EatFitFuel has compiled the best and worst of surfaces to run on, so next time you’re out for that morning jog, you’re keeping your body happy!

Best Surface for Running – Grass


  • Thats right, its GRASS! According to Runner’s World, Grass takes the Gold because it is the “purest, most natural surface for running.” The best spots are places like football fields & golf courses; places with maintained, even ground. It’s forgiving on your joints and great for training as you get older. However, there are cons. The biggest one is where to find it. Not many of us have easy access to a school field or professional grounds, and running on golf courses can be more of a dodgeball style event. However, taking it to a field or hillside poses the problem of an uneven surface just waiting to roll some ankles. So what we’re really saying is that “maintained” grass is the best bet for running healthy!

Best Surface for Running (Runner Up) – Woodland Trails

  • trailsWoodland trails offer a great surface for runners because the peat, mulch, dirt, and leaves provide a soft, easy running surface much like grass. However, unlike grass, woodland trails often provide much better scenery, changes in incline, and longer trails, making them not only more suitable for most people without a long stretch of lawn but also entice you to come back and run.

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