Hardcore Weight Loss Tips: #2

If you’re finally serious about losing weight, these simple tips might be the secret to reaching your goal weight. Here’s our Hardcore Weight Loss Tip #2!

2. Quit Facebook.


Despite news that actively using social media raises self-esteem, that momentary increase is overshadowed by a decrease in self-control that can lead you to indulge in a number of negative behaviors, such as binge eating.

At least, that’s what the research says, anyway…

However, on top of that, the time you spend on Facebook is time you could go to the gym, try out a new fitness class or do something else altogether.

If you’re really serious about losing weight, you need to make sacrifices, and dropping the hours a day you spend on Facebook might be what’s holding you back. Try, for just a week, to delete the Facebook app from your phone and see if it opens up some more opportunities to workout and get into shape!

Giving yourself less opportunities and fewer distrations might be the secret ingredient you need to finally reach your weight loss goals.

At the very least, it’s worth a shot!

ICYMI… here’s Hardcore Weight Loss Tip #1.

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