No Nonsense Circuit

How bad do you want it? That's the question.
How bad do you want it? That’s the question.

It comes down to time. Time we are willing to put into something we want. Now it’s not easy, everyone has crazy busy lives, but it is worth it. No matter your shape or size, you have a beautiful sexy body that is designed to work like a well oiled machine: nutrition, exercise, and rest all play important factors into body, mind, and soul health. So, let’s do this. 25 minutes is what you will need for this no frills routine. Get down to brass tacks and show yourself what you are made of!

*Jumping Jacks – 50

*Squats – 20

*Squat Jumps – 20

*Alternating Lunges – 20 (each leg)

*Burpees – 15

*Push Ups – 25

*Mountain Climbers – 30

*Crunches – 50

*Plank Hold – 60 seconds


***Repeat 3x

***Workout takes approximately 25 minutes; however, remember to go at your own pace and your own strength level.

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