The Top 5: Healthiest Protein Powders

In today’s world of widespread supplements, fitness genres, and nutrition plans, there are almost too many protein powders to choose from. The endless brands, flavors, textures, and more can be a little overwhelming, not to mention misleading when it comes to finding which are actually the best for you. So we’ve done a bit of our own research and found the Top 5 healthiest protein powder options for you! 

#1: LYFE Fuel Daily Essentialslyfe-chocolate-5

If you’re looking for clean, nutrient dense, protein power, look no further. LYFE Fuel is the elite when it comes to healthy protein pow! There are no GMOs, in fact NOTHING artificial, and it is also soy and dairy free making it perfect for vegans as well as the day-to-day fitness enthusiast. This lean and healthy protein goes a step beyond just being a protein supplement and has been enhanced by essential vitamins and minerals to make it a nutrient rich option when you’re looking to bulk up your shakes!

#2: Naked Whey grass-fed-whey-protein_f1c3cb3d-6083-4541-82fc-0970bc2cb9dd

This protein powder is all about transparency, meaning what you see is what you get! This brand is known for it’s “one-ingredient” protein powders, and you guessed it, that’s because each of their proteins is nothing but. Their grass-fed cow protein is ONLY whey protein isolate, nothing added. Same goes for the goat protein, pea protein, and so on. This brand is such a standout because they are committed to getting you the cleanest, most unaltered and natural product you can get, and your muscles won’t be complaining.

#3: Body Ecology Fermented Protein Shakefermented-protein-shake-coconut-200

Now don’t let the word “fermented” throw you, this is a killer option for your protein needs with all the added internal benefits of fermented foods without the… intense… taste. This shake prides itself on giving you a delicious plethora of nutrients and health boosters, like organic mushrooms, while adding the digestion aids of probiotics and fermented organics. If you’re looking for a way to pack in a myriad of super nutrition ingredients and healthy protein, this is for you.

#4: Aloha Proteinvanilla_protein_tin_tile

This protein is all about getting you the amino acids you need without the animal ingredients. Developed for vegans, Aloha Protein combines pea, pumpkin, and hemp protein to make a powerhouse trio for those in need of a muscle boost. This protein also gets its flavors from only organic based ingredients like natural cinnamon and vanilla bean which improves taste beyond the standard of Aloha’s artificial competitors.

#5: Vega Clean Proteinclean-protein-chocolate-small

The final protein on our list is another win for the vegetarian and vegan community, although carnivores can enjoy this brand just as much. Vega Clean Protein is similar to Aloha Protein in that is uses a base of pea, hemp, and pumpkin protein but goes one step further and adds alfalfa for an extra nutritional boost. For you sports and nutritional scientists out there, Vega Clean also breaks down the specific amino acid profile right on the label for your inspection.

While these aren’t the only healthy proteins out there, they are certainly some of the top tier and definitely our favorites! You can achieve your goals in a huge amount of different diets and meal plans, but every now and then a little friendly advice and research can go a long way in the minefield that is nutrition supplements!

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