Ultimate Booty Workout

I love it that Melissa does this workout on the sand. Any workout on the sand makes the moves, no joke, about one hundred times more difficult. If you’ve never done a workout on the beach or on sand – please give it a try! All of the moves in today’s workout are designed to make today an actual “leg day”! If you do these correctly, you won’t be able to walk tomorrow!

Here are the moves:

1) Squat Hold — This killer thigh move is your rest time. Hold for 15 seconds between each move.
2) 3 Time Touchdowns – This legs exercise is a real challenge for both the thighs and butt.
3) Squat Hold
4) Long Leap, 4 Jump Lunges — This bodyweight leg exercise will get you toned legs in no time.
5) Squat Hold
6) Toe Taps — This cardio move will help get your heart pumping.
7) Squat Hold
8) 3 Way Touchdowns — Another great body-weight butt and thigh exercise.
9) Squat Hold
10) Duck Under — A great finisher for your butt and thigh workout.



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