Add this Move to Your Ab Workout

Working out your core is crucial to your overall fitness! We all know that. Your core houses the muscles that hold it all together, allowing you to move, stand, and turn heads on the beach. Well, at least those first two are pretty important. So hitting those core muscles in the gym, or wherever you are working out, should always be considered when making a solid workout regime.

The Leg Raise is one of those exercises you definitely want to add to that list of ‘must-haves’, especially for women. The leg raise is a move that works your lower abs, pelvic region, and can move further up to hit the obliques and mid section. One of the main reasons it is such a powerhouse is it’s versatility in uses and range of motion. Leg raises can be made harder with a partner pushing your legs down or with leg weights, they can hit the obliques and upper abs when done at varying angles. Overall, it is simply a great move to add to your ab arsenal. Check out this How-To video from Howcast to develop the proper technique to rock that bod!

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