Advanced Abs

Today we’ve got a 20 minute advanced ab workout to help you get rock solid industrial strength abs! This workout will help you develop a strong core using exercises like planks, sit ups, mountain climbers and v ups. Remember with V-Ups, to lift your feet and hands at the same time. If you cannot execute this with perfect form, definitely modify. Modify by bending your knees or you could even leave your hands by your sides.

For this 20 minute abs workout, you’re going to do 4 rounds total of the 5 ab exercises below. Do each exercise for 45 seconds on, followed by 15 seconds of rest:

Here are the moves:

1) 5 Plank Jacks, 1 Elbow Up
2) 2-Time V-Ups
3) 10 High Knees, Drop Down, Power Up
4) Plank Sandbag Drag
5) Sandbag Sit Ups

Once you’re done with those core exercises, join us for this killer bonus round:

Alternate between jump lunges and mountain climbers with no rest in between, for 5 minutes.

1) Jump Lunges – 10 reps
2) Mountain Climbers – 10 reps



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