Cricket Flour! It’s No Joke

cricket-flour-brownieThis past weekend, I was at a health conference and at one of the stalls, I tried a high protein, low carb brownie. It was deliciously rich and satisfying, which is the opposite of what I expected because so many “healthy” low-carb imitations of sweet treats end up falling short. However, when I asked how they were able to make such a great brownie without the saturates, sugars and carbs of the store-bought counterpart, the answer not only surprised me, but at first grossed me out.

The brownie was made with cricket flourThat’s right, you read correctly… cricket flour. Flour from cooked and ground crickets. But before you go running for some Pepto, let me make case for this new protein on the scene. Cricket flour is gaining some steam in the fitness and health world because it is a clean protein with healthy fats and a low carbohydrate content. Also, crickets are non-GMO and have no hormones added to it, making it a better option that the non-organic hormone-fueled discount chicken.
My favorite aspect of cricket flour is it’s versatility. It can boost smoothies or milkshakes, create delicious bakery treats, and also be used for savory breads and healthy pizza dough. I know it may seem like a strange way to get in some great macronutrients, however it is fast becoming recognized as one of the cleanest ways of doing

So be on the lookout for a couple of crickets in your backyard – or simply buy a bag of cricket flour and save yourself the bug-catching hassle of doing it yourself, because this new protein-rich flour is a great addition to the baking pantry in any healthy kitchen.

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