The Farmer’s Walk… Exercise!

Planks, crunches, and side bends, oh my! We all know the staples of core training, and to be honest, we all use them pretty regularly I’d bet. However, keeping your body guessing it what really makes progress and tones up muscles. Yet, still, it is hard to get out o doing the same ab moves we have been taught since grade school.

Well, here’s a new one for you that you may not of heard about. It is called the Farmer’s Walk. From the outside, this is extremely straightforward in terms of ease, equipment usage, and execution. However, the body benefits surpass your average crunch or side bend by a long shot. The Farmer’s Walk incorporates the whole body, especially your core, while in motion. You can look at it as a mobile super-plank, because that is essentially was it is!

How to do it?

Grab a heavy dumbbell (within your comfort zone) in each hand with your palms facing your body. Then, standing tall and maintaining good posture, walk 20meters (12-15 steps on each leg). Then turn, and repeat back to the start.

You’re probably thinking, “so I’m just walking with weights in my hand?

Essentially, yes! That’s exactly what you are doing, but with heavy weights. Very. Heavy. Weights. You will see this is no easy exercise and after a few sets (3-5 sets suggested), you’ll feel the burn in your legs, shoulders, and of course… your core!

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