Forget about “Cankles!” The Ultimate 2-Move Calf Workout

Cankles is slang for anyone with big ankles. It’s rude and just another derogatory term to add to the looooong list of body parts we need to be self-conscious about . I mean come on! Everybody has areas they want to work on, or specific trouble areas, and that’s why I’ve dedicated this article to a 2-Move workout that targets one of the most overlooked muscle group in the gym.

A good calf workout isn’t hard to come by, t’s just not something the majority of people think is a crucial part of their training regime. Well I’m here to tell you every muscle is important and being able to tone and slim those calf muscles can have you feeling and looking great! So check out these moves with trainer and ex-Jr. Olympic swim coach Erin Sharoni!

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