7 Tips for a Healthier Weekend

The weekend is a time when a lot of us become more relaxed with our nutrition and fitness plans. Whether it’s having a few drinks, or a double cheeseburger at a BBQ, it’s easy to let our weeklong progress and healthy habits fall by the wayside when we have the day off. In order to fight off those weekend woes, we have developed a stacked list of ways to get your weekend back on the healthy track!

Make you weekend healthy with these simple ideas:

  1. Longer Workouts: It’s the weekend, so that means a couple of days off for most of us. The extra free time means you can put a little more into your workout. It doesn’t have to be an extra hour, but maybe add 15 minutes of high intensity cardio or an extra superset in your lifting regimen.
  2. Stick to Your Meal Plan: Don’t let the weekend be an excuse to switch the good nutritious food you’ve been eating all week for artificial, processed alternatives.
  3. Stick to your Sleep Schedule:5-tricks-to-sleep-better
    True, the weekend means more socializing usually, but making sure you get the same amount of sleep can stop you from being tired on Monday, whether it’s from too little or, yes it can happen, too much sleep.
  4. Get Out There: Getting out in nature rejuvenates your mind and is a great way to exercise. Leave trephines and tablets in the car and go for a hike or walk in the woods or along a secluded beach.
  5. Drink Responsibly:interval-drinks-fit Limiting your drinks makes sure you don’t hurt your health and fitness goals with loads of empty calories and the damage overconsumption of alcohol can have on the body… not to mention the lowered will power to resist that McDonald’s on the way home. A great way to limit your drink intake is to alternate your cocktails with glasses of water. It will fill you up quicker without the added calories – plus, you’ll have less of a hangover in the morning!
  6. Monday Morning Weigh In: Whether your weight is important to you or more of a secondary concern, knowing you’ll weigh yourself Monday morning will help keep your mind focused on sticking to healthy foods. Even on a subconscious level, if you see you weighed less before the weekend, you’ll think twice before taking the weekend off from health again.
  7. Plan to Relax – Actually doing the mental preparation to set aside some time for full on relaxation is a great way to reboot your mind and body. Often times we forget to actually use the weekend as a break.

These are all pretty straightforward, but putting them into practice can make your weekend a total success for your health and fitness goals!

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