Gym Class Breakdown: What’s Best for You?

You know I am totally behind taking the workout classes for an extra boost to your fitness and weight loss goals. However, it’s important to discuss some of the more common classes available across the country and what goals they work best for…

Each class is unique with a different purpose and result. Knowing which ones work best at targeting certain fitness goals is essential to keeping you on track, as well as adding to your own knowledge and arsenal for achieving your goals. So, here’s the breakdown!

Best for Calorie Burning:

Spinning/Indoor Cycling (up to 800 cals per hour)

  • “Spinning” & indoor cycling is certainly intense. It combines high intensity exercise with high level intervals meaning you are pushing yourself to the max for the whole class. However, because you’re cycling, the whole body isn’t always engaged and you do not have a broad range of motion. That being said, if you’re looking to burn calories and shed some pounds, this is a great option.

Best For Fat Burning & Full Body Fitness:

Kickboxing or Bootcamp (up to 700 cals per hour)

  • These classes are right behind indoor cycling when it comes to intensity! However they add more range of motion and body movement making it a complete head-to-toe workout. The constant energy being used from the whole body also means these classes are great for burning fat.

Best for Muscle Building and Toning:

Circuit/Interval Training (up to 570 cals per hour)interval-training-beginners

  • Circuits and interval training is great for fat loss as well, however their focus on specific muscle groups and compound moves mean these classes are fantastic for working on building, maintaining, and toning your muscles. The fast-paced, energy driven workout means while your muscles are working hard, your body is burning more calories than traditional weightlifting.

Best for Flexibility and Recovery:hot-yoga

Hot Yoga/Aerobics/Pilates (up to 500 cals per hour)

  • These classes are the perfect way to regenerate and rejuvenate the body while still getting a pretty solid workout. Yoga and pilates is famous for increasing your flexibility and improving your aerobic ability. Taking a hot yoga classes intensifies the class by making you sweat and forcing your body to work harder in the heat.
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