Is Yoga Right for You?

Have you been thinking about taking a yoga class? Are you on the fence about whether or not the practice will suit you? Answer the following questions to find out!

Are you looking for a quick fix? If you’re on a tight timeline to fit into your wedding dress, yoga may not be the answer. Yoga will be your preferred exercise if your long term goal is to reclaim your energy, health and mental clarity. This practice requires positioning  your body in specific forms, and holding poses to develop your physical strength and improve your mental condition. This does not happen overnight, so if you are looking for a fast solution to a health problem, you are better off looking for another type of exercise.

yoga-pose-2How old are you? Ok, we really do not care about the answer to this question, as yoga can be started at any age. But admit it, you were wondering if age might indicate success in practicing yoga. It doesn’t. Yoga isn’t just for young, bendy students. Yoga is a perfectly safe and balanced program that can be started at any age. Your practice can be made more challenging as you progress, and you can take it easy when you are fatigued. No matter your age, body shape, or physical skills, you can  start a yoga program.

Are you able to be still?  To practice yoga correctly, you need discipline, concentration and attentive breathing.  Both physical and mental stillness are required when holding poses. If you have more of a go-go-go personality, you may find this stillness to be quite a challenge.

What are your goals?  The rewards of yoga practice are numerous and consist of increased strength and flexibility, cardiovascular vigor, healing injuries, producing mental clarity and emotional balance. The goal of serious yoga practice is an excellent union of mind, body and spirit.

So, what’s the verdict?? If you find that yoga might be worth a try, do a little research about what kinds of classes are offered in your area. Ask friends, search online, and maybe call a few local studios. No two yoga classes are the same, but when you find the right style/instructor/atmosphere, you will know it! Good luck!

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