Join Forces to Keep on the Fitness Track

This is just some honest and pretty obvious advice that we all know but sometimes just need a little reminder of. Doctors, personal trainers, gym rats, and professional athletes alike all preach the effectiveness and helpfulness of teammates or a training partner. This is what “joining forces” is all about! Joining a team or exercise club (for example a running club or neighborhood yoga class) not only helps your fitness goals by adding a workout or two throughout the week, but inspires and motivates you by having helpful and positive people around you reaching for the same goal from a like-minded perspective.find-a-girlfriend

However, sometimes it is not always easy to commit to a sports team or the schedules they create. Other times,organized sports just aren’t for you or maybe you simply want to focus on your weightlifting. Well have no fear because there is an answer for that too. A workout partner! Whether it’s at the gym or at home, having someone to workout with is just as effective as a team in that your partner keeps you on track. When you don’t want to workout, they ignite the fire, and when they aren’t feeling it, you do the same. Workout partners and sports teams work as symbiotic relationships, both positively benefiting from the other(s). So grab a friend or join a team and see your fitness and motivation soar!

Here’s are the benefits you’ll see when you’re working out with a friend…

  1. You’ll skip fewer workouts
  2. You’ll push yourself harder
  3. You’ll try new workout, routine, classes…
  4. You’ll workout longer
  5. You’ll have more fun!
  6. You’re less likely to get injured with a spotter
  7. You’ll be able to do two-person exercises (crunches with a medicine ball pass or partner push-ups with a shoulder tap)
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