Low Carb Lunch: Paleo Fish Sticks

Paleo Fish Sticks
  1. - 1 ½ lbs haddock (or any firm, meaty white fish)
  2. - roughly 6 oz of plantain chips (Check labels, ideally just plantains, palm oil and salt)
  3. - F.O.C. (fat of choice), palm and coconut will work well here
  1. In a food processor, crush up the plantain chips until they’re the consistency of fine bread crumbs. Place the crumbs in a zip-top bag and add a pinch of sea salt, if the chips haven’t already been.
  2. Slice the fish fillets into strips/planks/sticks, widthwise. Working in batches, add a few fish strips to the zip-top bag and shake around until the strips are completely coated.
  3. Melt your fat of choice in a saute pan over medium heat. Place the coated strips in the pan and let them get brown before you flip them to the other side. This should take less than a minute for each side. If you’ve cut the fish sticks pretty thick, don’t forget you’ve got 4 sides to brown, not just 2.
Adapted from Health Bent
Adapted from Health Bent
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