The No. 1 Class to Take Up this Year

New Year, new challenges and new experiences. That’s my motto! What better time than to try something out for the first time, especially in the fitness world. The best way to see results is to keep the body guessing, so trying new exercises or fitness classes can have the added bonus not just a new adventure but an extra boost to your fitness goals. So, for this New Year we have a great suggestion for the class you should try out, and if you’re doing it already, keep at it. 2016 is all about BOXING!

Boxing is the number 1 sport to shed fat and tone up according to ESPN, and the best part is, almost eery gym offers some form of boxing classes. You may have seen it on the fitness schedules as boxercise, kickboxing, or just straight up boxing, but all forms of it are killer when it comes to getting fit! Why? Boxing is a versatile sport combining endurance, agility, footwork, quick reflexes and decision-making. Boxing incorporates all manners of exercises from jump rope, thrust movements (punching), and constant core work, not to mention you are on your toes (literally and figuratively) almost the entire time. And let’s not forget the calorie burn! In just 30 minutes of sparring (boxing with pads), a 180-pound person can burn up to 400 calories. Wow!

All this adds up to pretty solid evidence that you should take another look at your gym class schedule for this upcoming year and take full advantage of what boxing can do for your fitness!

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