Gym 101: Cable Pulleys for Beginners

The New Year is here! For some, that means resolutions up the wazoo complete with new diet plans and gym regimes. For others, that means simply continuing on with the same and staying on their fitness and health track. Well, whichever category you fall under, the New Year is a great time to challenge yourself and try new things. That brings me to cable pulleys. If you’re an avid gym goer you may already know about this versatile tool, but if not, you are missing out on a machine that can effectively train your whole body. I regularly use cable pulleys to hit my core, triceps, and hamstrings… to name a few. However, with so many ways to use them, starting to use them can be a bit daunting. This helpful video from PopSugar and trainer Anna Renderer is the perfect way to learn the ropes (or should I say cables) and add to your fitness arsenal.

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