Your Guide to Strong Lean Muscles

A fitness trainer friend of mine – Ashley Borden – swears by foam rolling. When I say fitness trainer, I really mean amazing celebrity fitness and lifestyle coach Ashley Borden. She is so incredibly strong, informed and one of a kind in her training style. She is a force. I encourage you to visit her site. She has amazing tips and tricks and fitness favorites that you will just love! Ok, I digress.

She educated me on the benefits of using a foam roller. Here is her amazing Foam Rolling PDF!

Some of the many benefits are:

•    Improved circulation
•    Increased blood flow
•    Releases muscle tightness
•    Breaks down knots in your muscles
•    Reduces pain
Using a foam roller is actually similar to getting a massage (only less expensive!). As you roll on it, fibrous tissue is broken down and circulation is boosted, helping to relieve tension and pain. When you perform various exercises with the roller it also helps to engage your muscles and build strength. The foam roller is unstable, using it works your core muscles and helps improve balance. Many people wait to use a foam roller until they feel a tight spot in a muscle, then simply ‘roll’ it out. While this can be effective, it’s a mistake to regard the foam roller as only an occasional fitness tool. You can actually use it daily (even if it’s for just a few minutes) to help prevent trouble spots in your muscles from occurring.

Big Thank You to you Miss Ashley Borden!


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