3 Post Workout Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Myth #2: Stretch BEFORE your workout, not after.

I have no idea where this myth started because it seems so illogical, however countless workout-aholics believe this myth to be gym law. Stretching before a workout can actually increase your chance of pulling something because it signals your muscles to relax. Leave that for after your workout!

Myth #3: Sport drinks are better than water to rehydrate.05physed.190

Classics are classic for a reason, and nothing is more classic that good ol’ H2O when it comes to hydration. The myth that sports drinks are better for rehydration is just that, a myth. Why? Sports drinks have been proven to do nothing more than water when it comes to hydration, however they also have a much higher calorie and sugar count than water which makes them a more expensive choice for your wallet and nutrition.

I may not be a tech and special effects whiz, but in regards to the gym, consider me today’s myth-buster!

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