Guinness: Ireland’s Health Shake

original-38-55-guinnessbeerEvery now and then we all like to relax with the proverbial cold one. I know that I certainly do! But as a health & fitness nut, finding the right drink and making sure it’s on par with my fitness goals can be hard to do. There are countless articles about which beers are the best in terms of carbs, sugars, calories, and so on and so on. However, my time spent in Dublin helped me to discover one of the best options in terms of taste AND health… the black elixir that is Guinness. They actually coined Guiness’ most famous slogan based on these health findings, “Guiness is good for you!”

Guinness is famous for being the quintessential Irish beer (and export). Its solid black look, bold taste, and general persona has made it famous wold round. But what you may not know is that Guinness has a whole lot more health benefits than your average pint at the local watering hole.

034571cb11f3a202_guinnessResearchers at the University of Wisconsin discovered that drinking Guinness can actually help to prevent blood clots and the risk of heart attacks! A lot like red wine or dark chocolate, Guiness has those special antioxidants that boost your immune system… not many other beers can say that. There’s also been studies to show that Guiness can strengthen your bones and help with keeping your memory sharp. If that’s not enough for you, some doctors have even suggested to pregnant women that having a half pint every now and then during pregnancy can keep the baby healthy because of the iron in Guiness. Now for that one, definitely consult your own doctor!

Health benefits aside, a lot of people think Guinness will kill your diet with carbs and calories. This is simply a myth! Guinness actually boasts one of the lowest calorie contents of any full-strength beer as well as fewer carbs.

Evidence supported drinking is always a good bet, just make sure you enjoy responsibly because even too much of a good thing can hinder your fitness goals!

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