The Crunch For Better Buns

Crunches are a staple of so many workout regimes and fitness classes that almost everyone exercising knows them or does them regularly. Well, the crunch has been taken to a new level! Not in the sense that there is a new way to shred your abs and get a killer core, but in fact a crunch that has been developed to help you put some boom in your booty. That’s right! It’s the Butt Crunch, courtesy of fitness writer Denise Austin.

The Butt Crunch is a double-whammy for your backside, pinpointing both the hamstrings and butt. SO how does it work? This move uses a small dumbbell held between your ankles to heighten the effects of a basic double-leg kick often practiced in Pilates. Be sure to press your hips into the floor to alleviate strain on your lower back.

The move itself:

Carefully hold a light dumbbell between your feet or use ankle weights. Lie facedown with your forehead resting on your hands, palms down, elbows pointing out to the sides, and legs extended. Press your hips into the floor and bend your knees until your calves are perpendicular to your thighs. Next, tighten your glutes and lift your knees off the floor as high as comfortably possible. Hold for 3 seconds, then return to start.

Give it a try and add a new killer move to your crunch arsenal!

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