The 10: Lemon Water

  • Potassi-YUM!
    Lemons have a great amount of potassium to keep your heart healthy and help your brain and nerve function.
  • Energizer Bunnies
    Get an extra boost of energy when the lemon enters your body, not to mention helping that anxiety and even fighting depression.
  • Cut out Caffeine
    Lemon water can have the same ‘wake up’ effect as a cup of coffee but is more refreshing and unlike coffee, lemon water gives you great breath.
  • Going Viral
    Lemon water can help fight viral infections, being one of the most efficient ways to get rid of a sore throat!
  • Well, there it is! The Ten on Lemon Water. Try either squeezing out a half (or full) lemon into your water bottle before filling it up, or cut out the middle man and just buy lemon juice to add to that morning glass of water. I keep my water bottle filled with slices of lemon so even after the initial hit, I’m keeping it going throughout the day. Enjoy!

    If you’re looking for a more “adult” beverage with similar health benefits that is also somewhat healthy, here’s a great cocktail:


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