The Best Core Workout for Beginners

Getting into fitness can be extremely daunting. Working out in front of people, not knowing where to start, even thinking about what the right workout clothes are can all put extra stresses into something that should be enjoyed and makes you feel great about yourself. Asking for help isn’t always easy but when it comes to fitness, it is a must. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little direction or nudge the right way to kick off your new fitness regime.

A lot of beginners see the core as a bit of a mystery, not because they don’t know what exercise to do (although that can be the case) but usually it’s more about the confusion over which ones are best! There are so many different “ab workouts” and core moves that it can be a little overwhelming. However, we have found a great introduction to start you on the way to a flatter stomach.

This core workout form MyVirtualHealthCheck is a great way to start on those abs with an easy to understand program and killer moves to sculpt that mid section. Give it a try and start something new.

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