Get the Lead Out with Sledgehammer Exercises

sledgehammer workout

It’s time to get old school and add these dynamic Unknown moves to your workout routine for increased functional strength and a slamming (pun… intended) upper body! The sledgehammer provides a great tool for athletes looking to develop strength and power, but it also is a fantastic way to improve your wrist muscles, tendons, and stability as well as forearm and grip strength. These areas notoriously hard for women to work on. Improving your wrists and grip can help with achieving your goals in other aspects of the gym like chest presses and pull ups. You know what that means ladies, check out these sledgehammer moves for multi-layered benefits.

So what’s the sledgehammer all about?
The sledgehammer is all about being dynamic, attacking your body from all different angles. This means improving flexibility as well as building muscle, joint health and agility. Getting into the specifics, sledgehammer moves  blast your core, shoulders, back, arms and trapezius muscles. Not to mention slamming the heck out of a rubber tire is a great way to get out built-up stress and anger.
I’ll bet you’re thinking, “Ok I get it! Sledgehammer moves are good but where do I start?” The first place to start is what weight sledgehammer. It is best to start with a lighter hammer to make sure you are comfortable and safe with the moves. As your strength and confidence increase, you can increase the hammer size.
What to do with the sledgehammer? The best and most popular move is sledgehammer slams on a truck tire. Not too many of us just have a big truck
tire hanging around, but more and more gyms are offering them and almost every CrossFit studio is well equipped with them. Repetitive slams on a tire with a two hand grip develops muscle endurance and strength in all those aforementioned areas. If you really want to get advanced (and please get comfortable and confident with the two hand slam first) ask a trainer to get you doing Tomohawks, also known as one-handed slams. This incorporates a more focused hit on the individual side you are working.
Just check this video out… does this look easy?
As with any new move, using a trainer or workout partner is highly encouraged to help you get started. Once you try this heavy hitting move, you’ll understand why it’s a staple for pro athletes, boxers, and CrossFit enthusiasts alike. Turn up the Heavy Metal and destroy that truck tire for a great and powerful upper body!
Here’s another great dynamic workout move for women!
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