Master the Stairs for a Great Body

It’s time to up our game ladies and gentlemen. Recently, we have been writing about amazing at-home exercises and workouts that require no equipment, which can help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. However, sometimes we need to push ourselves and branch outbound the home-style brand of fitness. So, I’m going to add a bit of equipment for you to push yourself to the limit and really shape uptake whole body with a big emphasis in the legs, butt, and core. No, it’s not dumbbells, nor is it resistance bands. It’s a set of stairs. Plain and simple. A set of stairs has a surprisingly wide variety of uses when it comes to fitness, whether its strength training or pure cardio, and this stair workout from Athlean-XX for Women hit them all. So find a set of stairs, in your house or in your neighborhood, and get after it in a whole new hardcore way!

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